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Monday, January 10, 2011


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FINDER301?

FINDER301 is your key to finding and sharing great places around you. Available on the web and via your phone, you'll be able to find places like restaurants, banks, ATMs, police stations, clinics and Maxis Service Centres near you. FINDER301 is also a food directory where you can search for the type of food you want. To get started, send FINDER to 301.

2. What are the benefits of FINDER301?

Via the web: FINDER301 is a great way to share your favourite restaurants with your friends. All your picks are tagged in a Google map that lets your friends find your recommendation instantly and easily.

You can add reviews, photos and even recommend must-have dishes at your favourite eating spots.

Via your phone: FINDER301 is an easy way to find the location of what you're looking for. Just send an sms with a keyword to 301 and you'll get back a list of choices for free! For instance, if you're looking for laksa and you're in KLCC, just send ‘laksa' to 301 and you'll get a list of great laksa locations around you in KLCC.

What's more, once you've picked a choice, FINDER301 will send you additional information like its address and telephone number. If you have a data plan, you can even click on a link to read reviews and get a map to show you where it really is!

Apart from restaurants, FINDER301 also has a directory of ATMs, banks, police stations, hospitals, clinics and Maxis Service Centers around you.

3. Who can use the FINDER301 service?

The FINDER301 service is currently for Maxis subscribers only, and is available via the web and via SMS. Listings are currently located within the nationwide, but with your help, the FINDER301 directory will soon list great places all over Malaysia.

Registering for the FINDER301 service is FREE. By registering, you have also become a FINDER301 member, which means there will be a list of your favourite restaurants tagged to your account. You will be able to see, via Google maps, the location of your favourite eating spots. Soon, you'll be able to share this information with friends.

FINDER301 web service

4. How do I sign up and why should I?

If you are a new user, sign up for a new account for free. You will have to key in your mobile number, after which a TAC will be sent to your mobile phone. Once you have received a TAC, please complete the registration process as each TAC will expire after five minutes. You will be automatically registered after you provide us with all the required information, and you can begin posting immediately.

By registering you have also become a FINDER301 member, which means there will be a list of your favourite restaurants tagged to your account. You will be able to see, via Google maps, the location of your favourite eating spots. Soon, you'll be able to share this information with friends.

5. How do I post details about my favourite restaurant?

Once you've signed in, you can begin posting details about your favourite places. To add a restaurant, click on "MyPlaces." Then, click on "Add New Place" and fill in the details of your chosen restaurant. Repeat this step to post details on other restaurants. You will be able to see all your favourite restaurants every time you sign in.

6. What are the places I can find in FINDER301.com?

They range from classy restaurants perfect for a romantic dinner for two to laid-back mamak restaurants and kopi tiams where you can enjoy a glass of teh tarik and local cuisine. If you can't find your favourite restaurant, then why not add it to Finder301 and be the first to rate it?

FINDER301 SMS Service

7. How do I use FINDER301 with my phone?

You need to be either a Maxis or Hotlink subscriber and have an SMS-enabled phone in order to access the FINDER301 service. You can access the FINDER301 service by sending "FINDER" to 301. An SMS will be sent back to you with more information on how to use the service. In order to use the map/review portion of the service, you will need a WAP/GPRS enabled phone with a web browser.

8. Is the FINDER301 service free?

Each SMS request is FREE. For non-subscription member, each SMS received is RM0.15. For subscription member, you will receive unlimited FREE searches and premium food content for only RM0.50/week

Data charges apply when you click on the link to view reviews and maps. For data charges, please visit the Maxis website at www.maxis.com.my to view charging details. You can also immediately sign up for a data plan by dialing *100# and choosing Maxis Mobile Internet. Data plans start from RM2 for one hour.

9. How do I perform a search?

Send "search" to 301, i.e. send "laksa" to 301. You can also search by categories, i.e. send "makan" to 301. A list of results near you will be returned. By replying with the number of the search i.e. "1", you can find out more details for that particular result.

10. What type of information can I request via SMS?

You can request for information simply by sending a search request to 301 e.g. send BANK to 301 or MAXIS to 301.

Currently, Maxis subscribers can request for the following information via SMS:

  • - restaurants or food choices
  • - ATMS
  • - Banks
  • - Police stations
  • - Hospitals & clinics
  • - Maxis Service Centers

11. I am a Maxis prepaid (Hotlink) user, can I use the service as well?

Yes, the service is open to Maxis prepaid (Hotlink) users. You may use this service provided you have enough credit to send an sms.

12. If I send an SMS in the wrong format or a wrong keyword, can I still receive the information?

No, you will receive an SMS to inform you that you have sent the SMS in the wrong format/keyword and as such, the information requested for could not be retrieved.

13. When / where is this service available?

This service is available throughout Malaysia, but for now, the directory only has listings from within the nationwide. As listings on the FINDER301 website increase, the service will be able to return results based on other locations in Malaysia. You can use the FINDER301 service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

14. If I have problems using the service, whom shall I talk to?

Please call the Maxis Customer Service line at 123 (postpaid customers) or 1300 820 120 for (prepaid/Hotlink customers).

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